It never fails. There is that one douchebag at every concert. The guy who bumps in to you and makes you spill your beer, and pisses off your girlfriend. When you tell him to take it down a notch, he feels like you just insulted his entire family. That's when the fighting begins. Dave Grohl will have none of that at a Foo Fighters show.

Tuesday night at the iTunes Festival in London, Grohl spotted a troublemaker from the stage and stopped the show. He proceeded to call the guy out and eventually tossed him from the show. Grohl used some NSFW language to tell the dude exactly what he thinks of people who want to fight at shows.

There is a lot of words I'd like to use, that I can't, to talk about people who fight at shows. But its simple. Everyone else came to have a good time, and if you want to be a douche who fights the crowd will deal with you. And you might think you're big and bad until 30 people are beating the living hell out of you. So shut up and rock out with everyone else. Nobody likes a douche.

Dave Grohl rocks and I totally support him keeping one person from ruining the good time of everyone else.