Well if you believe the rumors then yes, Motley Crue and KISS will tour together this fall.

Of course, there were also rumors floating around that the Crue would call it quits and break up after their residency at The Joint in Las Vegas. Do you believe that one?

One thing I can guarantee is FACT and not rumor is that you could win a trip out to Vegas to see and meet the Crue. In fact, you have until January 17th to sign up for the Motley Crue Vegas contest.

Back to this rumored tour. The word is that Motley Crue will be the opening act and KISS will be the headliners on a fall 2012 mega tour. KISS will be out promoting their new forthcoming album 'Monster'...and the Crue will be continuing what Nikki Sixx says will be the biggest years of the band's career.