We know that our local nurses work hard and we want to celebrate them. That's why we partnered with Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union to salute our local nurses.

We asked you to tell us about the nurses in your life and your responses were phenomenal! We will be highlighting some of those entries here and on air and one lucky nurse will win an overnight stay at the French Lick Springs Resort.

Let's meet two of our nurses:

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Lisa Putnam

Lisa was nominated by her husband, Travis. Lisa works at Specialty Home Care where she is a home health nurse. According to Travis, Lisa has been a nurse for nearly two decades. Travis writes,

My wife has been a nurse for almost 20 years. She didn’t miss a day during the pandemic. Unfortunately... her previous employer brought in some new management that treated their employees poorly and she was forced to find a different job. During the beginning stages of Job searching, tragedy struck and her son’s (my step son) father lost his life due to a work related accident. After a couple weeks to get things back on track, she found her home with Specialty and loves it there. She is treated with the respect she deserves from her management, team, and patients. She’s a true nurse badass. The patient that is cut out the upload was one of her favorites a few years ago. She actually took this lady to spectate a golf scramble that she used to play in but couldn’t play or even attend anyone. My wife isn’t a golf fan and if that’s not going above and beyond I don’t know what is.

Lisa, thank you for all you do!

Staci Bolden

Staci was nominated by Scott Bolden. Traci works at Memorial Hospital and according to Scott, Staci has been working hard during the pandemic. Scott writes,

She works her regular shift at the the hospital and does two or three days a week at the health department giving Covid-19 shots

Staci, thank you for all you do!


Lisa & Staci are both now in the running to win an overnight stay at the French Lick Springs Resort thanks to Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union. Today and every day we are grateful for the hardworking nurses in our community!

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