Only three months in to 2013 and the race for "Mother of The Year" gets yet another contender.

Pennsylvania woman, Delaina Garling, has a history at her local dollar store. Although the bargains are good, Garling may have been taking a "five-finger discount" and pulling a fire alarm.

So when she came to visit the store, with her two step children, the other day the manager asked her to leave. After an exchange of words, workers began leading Garling out the door.

That is when she pulled out a can of pepper spray, and hit a couple of employees. Living out every retail workers dream, Garling is attacked by the workers and drops her spray. That is when the 7 year old picked it up and Garling told her, "You know what to do!"

Garling was arrested and was found to be in possession of a glass pipe and controlled substances (someone really needed to relax while shopping).

Check out a video of the attack below. (Warning: Our of area loud ads)