Yeah you read that correctly, turns out sources are saying Rihanna is going to be sampling some Metallica on her new song.

According to it's been confirmed that Rihanna is sampling Metallica's 1991 hit 'Wherever I May

Roam' on her song 'Red Lipstick off her new album that drops November 21.

No audio has been released yet, but if I know the internet I'm sure it'll be leaking soon! I'm pretty anxious to hear it though, just to see how 'Wherever I May Roam' was incorporated into the song.  Hopefully Rihanna can do Metallica some justice.  If anything this should be interesting! (Possibly the best thing to ever happen to pop music? haha)

Loudwire has all the info on the interesting cross over here.

Here's a few interesting cross overs

Kid Rock's 'American Bad Ass' Sampled Metallica's 'Sad but True'

Public Enemy (Flava Flav!) and Anthrax 'Bring The Noise' (Scot Ian actually raps in this, it's awesome)

Well and Snoop Dogg performing 'Sad But True' Metallica seemed to get a kick out of it.