Forget the toys inside a Cracker Jack Box, you may get lucky and find a Metallica guitar pick in your beer! 

Photo by Tess Austin

Earlier this year Metallica announced their collaboration with Stone Brewing. Together the metal giants and west coast brewery came out with the Enter Night Pilsner. It's already been released all over the US and in fact you can find it at several places in the Tri-state!

When the Enter Night Pilsner first came out, I had to pick up a case, because duh, it's Metallica beer.  I wanted a case mostly because the novelty of it. We cracked open a couple cold ones and that was that.  But last weekend my husband decided to pick up another case and we found guitar picks hidden inside!

Two of the beers he pulled out had these picks stuck under the pull tabs of the beer.


I had no idea Metallica was hiding these in their cases of beer! Apparently it's not every case either, because the first time we picked up the beer we didn't find any picks (we also didn't know this was a thing).  I did some searching online, and apparently they're randomly placed, and you can even find an Enter Night bass pick too!

So if you decide to get yourself some Enter Night Pilsner, keep an eye out! You may find a guitar pick or two!