Metallica's very own brew has hit the Tri-State!

Photo by Chris Austin
Photo by Chris Austin

Metallica made huge news a few months ago when they announced they had teamed up with Stone Brewing to create the Enter Night Pilsner.  Well it's officially been spotted in the Tri-State!

My friends know I'm a HUGE Metallica fan, so when I saw they were coming out with their own beer I freaked out! Obviously I NEED IT.  So when my friend was at High Spirits on Green River road and saw the display pictured above, she HAD to send it to me!

I checked out Stone's website, and you can pop in your zip code and it shows all places currently serving up Enter Night Pilsner, here's where you can find it around Evansville"

  • High Spirits locations
  • Winetree locations
  • Frontier Liquors
  • Varsity Liquors

Click here to see Stone's website and find a location serving up Enter Night Pilsner here!

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