From my experience, nothing can ruin a person's optimism like a child. Like the kid who pointed to me and said to his mom, "He has his ears pierced like a GIRL!"

The Noisey Music Channel on YouTube got some kids together (apparently spiked their drinks with some Go-Go Juice), and got them to give honest reviews of 'music' by Skrillex.

Some of the reviews go from the weirdly honest with "This music makes me want to spank my sister's fat bum", to the clearly-not-giving-a-f*** with "My grandma has a couch like this." Video bonus, kids with a British accent can say anything stupid and make it sound classy.

Watch the video. But on a side note, where were the dance clubs for kids when I was growing up? Is that where those strange people in vans who offered you candy were planning to take you?

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