The guys over at Cracked give us a review, semi-synopsis, and opinions on the Netflix series "Stranger Things" and why it is the BEST show of 2016.

Seriously, if you haven't watched this show yet, you are MISSING. OUT.


The show itself takes place in Hawkins, Indiana in the early 1980s. It has kids playing D&D, hair that defies gravity, huge glasses, an amazing soundtrack, and Winona Ryder. It's like E.T. meets Nightmare on Elm Street. AMAZING.


Here's some other reasons why you check out Stranger Things (along with some "semi" have been warned.)

(If you don't want any spoilers about the season finale, STOP watching at 6:36...MAJOR Season Finale SPOILERS after that point.)


"Will goes missing and everyone loses their minds. Nobody gives a sh*t about Barb!"


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