Do you have a home or place in your life that has special meaning?  An Owensboro mom and artist can create a hand-painted portrait for you to cherish forever.


Angel here and looking back on my childhood I can think of one place in my life that I always felt safe, secure, and happy.  My grandparent's home was super special to me.  It reminds me of all the things I longed to have in my own life as an adult.  Since my granddaddy passed away and my grandmother is in a nursing home we don't get to visit like we used to.  You would think it would always stay a vivid memory but getting older has a way of fading those memories.  My friend Brittany can in a sense freeze time and bring to life those memories and give you something tangible to hold onto.


Brittany Lashawn Porter started doing house paintings because she needed some sort of outlet from her everyday stay-at-home-mom life. She's a KWC graduate with a degree in Graphic design, so she says she's always been what she calls artsy-fartsy.   She loves creating or having a project to do.

Here's how she started drawing homes;

I decided to draw our house because I wanted a keepsake for my children. Eventually, we will be looking for another house, but I wanted the kids to always remember the house they came home from the hospital too. There’s just something special about that.

Some of the people’s greatest memories are made at home, grandma's house, or at a friend's house, etc.  Brittany says she was a little hesitant to post the picture she painted of her house on the internet, but her mom, Jodi, kept pushing her to.  Like a lot of us she says she's her own worst critic.

I always find something I don’t like about a house portrait I’ve done. I want them to be perfect! But after I posted the picture of our house my inbox started blowing up and giving me a lot of confidence in my work. I have done over 15 portraits since I posted the picture right before thanksgiving- that’s a lot. Overall I’m excited to see where this goes… I already have some ideas for the future that involves more than house paintings.

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Brittany has done a lot of different paintings including a recent one of my church.  The history of the church is amazing.  It's the church she grew up in and our pastor asked if she could create one for him.  She says it's one of her favorites.  Each one is so unique and brings so much beauty.

I had a chance to interview Brittany this morning on the show:

Brittany is extremely talented and is able to balance a home life with her super sweet family and use her artistic talents to bless others.

Below are some of Brittany's paintings.  They are absolutely amazing.

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Do you have a home or place in your life that has special meaning? An Owensboro mom and artist can create a hand-painted portrait for you to cherish forever.

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