There is a new app called Sarahah, for sharing "constructive criticism" anonymously and I will not be downloading it.

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Sarahah is a new mobile app designed to help you discover "your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner." A lot of people in my Facebook feed have started using this app and have been sharing the responses that they've received. I have continued to see more and more people sharing it. Yet in a world of "13 Reasons Why," I am left wondering why.


Why would anyone want to open themselves up to the potential for mean, cruel or even lewd anonymous feedback? Let's face it. That's what this app is going to get used for. Why would you give someone the opportunity to say something mean and cruel, or even crude and sexual, without any repercussion, without any consequences?



Don't get me wrong. I have seen friends share some very nice compliments that they have received via this app but if I am going to give a compliment, I don't need an anonymous app to help me do it.


If I think the girl handing me my takeout order has on killer eyeliner, I'm going to tell her. If I am grateful that someone is in my life, I am going to tell them. Compliments are an excellent thing but I am not going to open myself up to allow someone to say mean things under the guise of "constructive criticism" and I'm not sure why you would either. 



And one more thing while we're talking about this ridiculous app. Ladies: why on earth are you proud of the lewd "I'd eat your booty like groceries" comments? These are no more of a compliment than someone catcalling you while you walk down the street and most of you that I've seen sharing these anonymous "compliments" would be livid if you were catcalled on the street. Come on, now. You can do better than that.  Guys: Just don't.


Will you be downloading the Sarahah app? Leave a comment and let us know.

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