While the future of Twitter seems quite shaky, at least one social media platform seems to be getting with the times. Instagram recently unveiled an update that allows users to add music to photo posts, whereas before that was only possible on Reels and Stories.

Not everyone appears to have access to the feature yet, so it's unclear when exactly the tool became available, though someone on Twitter revealed that the company was "testing" the feature on Nov. 5. It's apparently only available on single-photo posts, so you won't be able to add a soundtrack to a carousel post with multiple photos.

After selecting and editing the photo, the "Add Music" option will be listed underneath the "Tag people," "Add reminder" and "Add location" buttons, so the song is chosen just prior to publishing the picture.

Some Instagram users have taken to Twitter to share their excitement about the addition to the app, comparing it to the "profile song" feature that was popularized on Myspace years ago. In mid-October, various technology outlets reported that Instagram was actually testing a profile song feature, but it seems they decided to roll out post songs instead.

A few people on Twitter reported that their Instagram app was "randomly playing some music," so perhaps their app updated and they had access to the post song feature without even realizing it. See some of the tweets below.

So yes, you'll be able to add "People = Shit" to the next photo you post from a Slipknot concert.

If your app hasn't updated to include this new option yet, then you won't be able to hear music on other people's posts either. No official announcements have been made by Instagram at this time, so have some patience until the feature becomes available on a wider scale. After users have become increasingly frustrated with the algorithm-based timelines, which now favors Reels over traditional posts, it's nice to see that they've added something to spice photos up in a good way.

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