Indiana's Myriad Brewing Company has been a fixture in downtown Evansville for a number of years. Soon, they will be opening a new, second location in Newburgh that where they will brew more than beer.

Admittedly, since I do not drink alcohol, I have not had the pleasure of trying anything from Myriad's taps (I stopped drinking in 2013 and they opened their doors in 2018) but I do know that a number of my friends speak very highly of their brews. Whether you are looking for a lager, an IPA, or a pale ale, Myriad is sure to have something on tap that you are going to love. They even put their spent grain to good use!

In August, we learned that Myriad Brewing Company, located at 101 SE 1st Street in downtown Evansville would be opening a brand new location in Newburgh. While they won't be brewing in Newburgh, the new location will be a taphouse for their craft brews.

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Today I learned something that does have me incredibly excited! I will finally be able to visit Myriad Brewing Company and enjoy something that they are brewing! As it turns out, the folks at Myriad Brewing Company plan to add an all-new coffee house to their upcoming Newburgh taproom! According to a recent post on their Facebook page,

Why stop at brewing beer? We love coffee too! We’re excited to announce that the Newburgh taproom location will also be home to our new coffee house!

Now, let me go ahead and tell you that while I do not drink alcohol, I definitely drink coffee - and lots of it! Needless to say, I am incredibly excited about what is on the horizon for our friends at Myriad Brewing Company!


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