If you are all out of ideas for Halloween 2021, I invite you to take a scroll through these costumes that shout, 'Hey, I'm a Hoosier'!

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Tiger Mascot

Perhaps you are repping the Princeton Tigers, the team that Jackie Young was a part of before she won that Olympic Gold medal. Or maybe you want to be a Memorial Tiger. You might already have this one if you went with the Tiger King theme in 2020.

Corn on the Cob

This one screams INDIANA! Because nobody has more corn than Indiana. Yes, that was a slogan at one time for something - Or I just made it up, but I'm pretty sure it was a thing back in the day.


I was going to go with an Indiana University theme for this one, but then it would actually say, Indiana. That goes against this entire article. As you may know, Hoosiers are known for their love of the hoops.


Ah, if you love lasagna and hate Mondays, Garfield is a cat that you can relate to. This is a Paw-fect costume for Hoosiers since Garfield is set in Muncie, IN.

Abraham Lincoln

I know there are other states that claim out 16th United States President, but Lincoln's Indiana Boyhood Home is located in Spencer county.

Santa Claus

If anyone thinks that you got your holidays mixed up, kindly remind them that we have a little town that's a pretty big deal, named Santa Claus, Indiana.

Leslie Knope

Does anyone love the great state of Indiana more than the real-life fictional Leslie Knope? Um, then the answer is literally Nope!

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