Leave it to the Germans to create a completely off the wall promotion. One supermarket in the country allowed shoppers to fill up their cart and walk away with free groceries. The fine print: You had to be naked.

Shoppers in the buff crowded the grocery store last week in hopes of scoring the deal. They were allowed $267 in free groceries if they shopped in their 'birthday suits'. I imagine a lot of jokes about 'Nice Cans', rump roast or 'Good looking melons' were passed around the store. And the event probably attracted a large amount of 'creepers'.

With the obesity epidemic and 'Extreme Couponing' going on in this country, I wonder how this promotion would go over in the United States. Then after checking out my favorite 'Honey Bo0-boo' child and her mother 'The Coupon Queen', I would probably have to avoid any store with that promotion.

Just remember, once you see it you can't forget it.

VIDEO IS NSFW: There are naked people, DUH!