From the network that brought you the horrendous Kate Plus 8 and Extreme Couponing, comes this week's fail. TLC, which stands for The Learning Channel, is now ready to destroy the world of tattooing.

Following in the footstep of NY: Ink, comes a bastardization of learning how to tat. On July 14 the network will premiere 'Tattoo School'. The show will follow 'award winning' tattoo artist Lisa Fasulo, (you be the judge of what awards she's won), who runs a tattoo school that teaches people how to tat in TWO WEEKS.

Yeah, you read that right TWO WEEKS. Most artists take years to perfect their craft but Fasulo says everything can be learned in less time than it takes to pick out a tattoo.

This has sparked a major backlash online, including a Facebook group. Petitions are forming, but TLC seems to be moving forward with airing the show.

I don't know about you, but I don't want some hack who took a two week course to put something permanent on my body. Would you go to a doctor who had two weeks of medical school? What about a mechanic who took an online course?

Good artists are taught by masters of the art. That's my personal opinion. Unfortunately, this could lead to other 'schools' popping up around the US. Just like companies are having to re-do their coupon rules, thanks to Extreme Couponing.

Fasulo has taken to her website to answer some of the 'hater' mail she has received. Cause if I want to go to any tattoo artist, its the one who calls critics 'haters'. Get real.

For some further viewing, here are samples from her students (there are some boobies on here, so don't visit if you have virgin eyes).

What do you think? Can tattooing be taught in a two week course? How 'real' do you think a reality show will be about a tattoo school? Leave responses below!


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