Friday fail

Friday Fail: Part 12
Firework fails seem to be my favorite form of fail. How can people consistently mess up with something they know is dangerous. I'm willing to bet this is the reason we don't have flying cars yet.
Friday Fail: Part 11
From the network that brought you the horrendous Kate Plus 8 and Extreme Couponing, comes this week's fail. TLC, which stands for The Learning Channel, is now ready to destroy the world of tattooing.
Friday Fail: Part 10
Okay, maybe its a Friday Fail because the car failed. Or perhaps I'm getting a little tired of seeing so much fail. So this week its all about win.
Friday Fail: Part 9
If you don't yelp or make some sort of noise after watching this video, you are either a woman or missing your man parts. Make sure you always watch where you're jumping.
Friday Fail: Part 8
The title for this eHarmony fail is simple: Must Love Cats. But whatever you do, for the love of god, don't mention cats around her. However, I'm lead to believe that a basket full of kittens would be a good way to get in to the sack with this chick...
Friday Fail: Part 7
How's this for the ultimate Friday Fail, somebody dropped grandma off at the Goodwill. No, not for some thrift store shopping. You see, Granny was a bit cramped in her urn.
Friday Fail: Part 6
Sometimes, I harbor a bit of jealousy at people who get to watch security cameras all day. It has to be hilarious to watch what some people do, when they forget cameras are around. And if you're anything like me, I often make up ridiculous commentary in a unnecessary&nb…
Friday Fail: Part 5
What can make a plethora of fail even better? A snazzy soundtrack.
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Friday Fail: Part 4
One of my frequent callers is Blind Jesse from Henderson. This past Christmas some genius decided to get him a 3D television. Who does that? Probably the same guy that tries to give a blind guy a high five.
Friday Fail: Part 3
Here's your 3rd installment of Friday Fail. Delivered in a classy Australian accent, so you know its good. Also its being called 'the worst escape attempt ever'. So what are you doing? Watch it!
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Its Fail Friday!
We actually wanted to do the 'Beat the Hell out of a Car' promotion at my college station. They wouldn't let us do it. Now I know why.