If you are ready to get some new ink - or maybe your very first tattoo - choosing the right tattoo studio and artist is incredibly important. There are talented tattoo artists creating stunning visual artwork in shops around the world, but we have a list of the Top 5 Best Tattoo Studios in the Evansville area.

It's Subjective

The great thing about tattoos, and art in general, is that they are subjective. What one person finds beautiful, another might find boring. Maybe you like smaller, more easily hidden tattoos, and your best friend likes full sleeves or back pieces. Some people prefer vibrant, stunning colors in their tattoos while others enjoy black and gray work.

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Style and Taste

There are so many different styles of tattoos too. There are traditional, Sailor Jerry-style tattoos, modern neo-classical designs, cartoon or anime pieces, full color, black and gray, fine-line, lettering, and so much more. There is a style of tattooing that can suit anyone's taste and style.

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What Makes It Good?

Just as art is subjective, the term "Good" is also subjective, and what one person considers to be good might just be average, or maybe even subpar to the next person. There can be a lot of gray areas when it comes to labeling anything as "good."

When it comes to tattoo studios, there are some things that are definitively good - and bad.

However, when it comes to tattoo studios, there are some things that are definitively good - and bad. For example, I think we can all agree that a clean studio with skilled and friendly artists is good. On the other hand, someone tattooing from their kitchen table while their cat rubs against their leg, not so much.

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What Makes It the Best?

There are a lot of good tattoo studios across the country, and right here in the Evansville area, but which studios are the best? Ultimately, to be considered the best, it really comes down to a studio's clients and how they feel about their experience - both with the business itself and the individual artist that they have worked with.

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What Is the Best Tattoo Studio in the Evansville Area?

So what is the best tattoo studio in and around Evansville? We asked you to vote for The Best Tattoo Studio in the Evansville Area and the results are in. Here are your Top 5:

#1. Evil Twins Piercing Studio

Find Evil Twins Piercing Studio at 215 N Stockwell Road in Evansville. Visit Evil Twins on Facebook here.

#2 Lady Luck Tattoo & Body Piercing

Find Lady Luck Tattoo & Body Piercing in Henderson, Kentucky at 315 Turner Avenue (and Owensboro) Find Lady Luck in Henderson on Facebook here.

#3 Crescent City Tattoo

Crescent City Tattoo & Museum is located on Main Street in downtown Evansville. Learn more about Crescent City here.

#4 Unspoken Art Studio Custom Tattooing

Unspoken Art Studio Custom Tattooing is located at 7151 Savannah Drive in Newburgh, Indiana. Find them online here.

#5 Dead Yeti

The Dead Yeti is a private tattoo studio in Evansville that works by appointment only. Find the Dead Yeti on Facebook here.



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