Woman Lets Her Boyfriend Tattoo His Name On Her Face
"The person with a full facial tattoo makes well thought out decisions," said no one ever. Now I know I may catch some flak about that statement, but the following story doesn't help the opposition. The short story goes like this. Girl meets boy online, then in person...
Man Gets A Pair Of Chuck’s Tattooed On To His Feet
The other day I was shopping for another pair of Chuck Taylor's when another shopper pointed out the price tag on them, $35.99. "When I was younger, those things used to cost $10.00," he told me. Its probably a good thing they don't cost that much, because the spare bedroom in my apartment would quickly become a shrine to all things Chuck Taylor.
Sam The Tattoo Artist: Living In A Man’s World!
Zombie girl original design by Sam   Other that what you see on TV, with the likes of Kat Von D ands a few others, tattooing is largely done by members of the male gender. There are a few local female artists I know of like my old freiend Mechelle Boren at Black Diamond Studios who did some of my very first tattoos...
Kat’s Tat [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
You may have heard me talking about my plans for a new tattoo. Well, I did it! AND it’s AWESOME! I have had the idea for the tattoo for a while now, and had just been waiting for the right time, and the right artist. I finally found both...
Watch Sandman Get a New Tat Live
Don't forget, we'll broadcast the live video stream from Unspoken Art Studio on Saturday, 10/22  from 2pm - 4pm of Sandman getting his new tattoo! In the meantime check out some of the cool tattoo designs of Jared Scott and Tony Trip at the links below!
You Can Tattoo Me…kinda!
Currently I have over 50 tattoos, but I want more. Why not? You can help with my next one. I am doing a promotion with Tony Trip and Jarred Scott where ‘you’ get to help design a tat for ‘me’.
Painful Tattoo Removal
If you had any illusions that you were tough...legitimate or may want to reconsider them after seeing this guy. This is one tough sumbitch. You gotta really hate a tattoo to want it off this bad. Either that or you gotta be really cheap or really drunk...maybe all of the above. As you can imagine...there is a whole bunch of NSFW language.

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