Weatherman Completely Destroys Ice Giraffe
It took over three hours to make, and its destroyed in a few seconds.
It just wasn't his morning. NBC 12 weatherman, James Quiñones, was reporting on an upcoming benefit at the zoo. He made one misstep and destroyed hours of hard work.
The whole thing was caught on video, including the on-…
Hacker Runs Zombie Emergency Alert On TV Station
Think of it as a homage to War Of The Worlds. The 1938 version, not the terrible Tom Cruise one where Dakota Fanning WOULD NOT stop screaming.
Back then a bunch of people got worked up in to a panic, over a radio show. In the days before you could cruise over to the station's Facebook …
Mystery Nipple Appears During Tosh.0
When he isn't showing us videos of people barfing or getting punched in the face by boxing champs, Daniel Tosh is apparently slipping some nips during his show Tosh.0 .
Couple Sues Over Trick Question On A Game Show
Sometimes I get heat for picking one Fourgasm answer over another because a word was left out or an answer was similar but not the exact one. However the prize for that is usually CDs, tickets, free food, etc... nothing like the $580,000 a couple lost due to the wording of a question.
Button Adds Extra Drama To Boring Belgian Town Square
If there is anything I try to do throughout the day, its avoid drama. Whether its letting my girlfriend get the last word or let some tailgating jack a** pass me on the Lloyd, I try my very hardest to avoid it. In Belgium, one TV station wanted to bring the drama to you at the press of a button…
Tonight Is Festivus
If you're not a huge fan of the the pressure and commercialization of the holidays, then today is truly the the holiday for you. Or as Frank Costanza would say 'A Festivus for the rest of us!'.
Cable TV Exposes The Worst Christmas Gift This Season
There are people who have to spend their entire day in a jumpsuit. They are usually janitors, cash counters at a casino, or prisoners. I don't fall in to any of these categories. So no one better get me the 'Forever Lazy' for Christmas.
FCC Passes Rule To End Loud Commercials
Almost everyone has had this situation happen to them. You start to doze off to sleep in front of the television, when Billy Mays screams you right out of that sleep while trying to sell you glorified 'Color Safe Bleach'.

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