For the past few days, there had been some speculation about the future (or lack there of) of this iconic Evansville  spot. Now it is official, Fast Eddy's has been closed and all employees have been laid off.

Curt John has been one of Fast Eddy's most visible investors over the years. He recently confirmed this decision with 14WFIE. He went on to say that they are trying to figure out a new concept for that building, and are hoping to have more information sometime this fall.

Fast Eddy's opened up back in 1996, when I started working at 103GBF, and I honestly never thought they would close. With all the various bars that have opened and closed, and then opened with a new name and owner and closed (I have lost count over the years)...Fast Eddy's has always remained.

And for a long, long time Fast Eddy's was a huge part of our radio station. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that Thong Thursday was probably the biggest bar promotion in town for a bunch of years...and our Labor Day Luaus and Mardi Gras parties got out of control on more than one occasion. And just earlier this year, we packed Fast Eddy's for our Damn Loud Rock Show with Black Stone Cherry and Sideshow Romance.

So I'd be lying if I said I was surprised and little bummed out to hear they are done. More than anything I'm sad to hear that so many people are out of a job. The folks at Fast Eddy's have always been super cool to that definitely sucks.

I honestly would like to hear some of your favorite (or worse) memories about Fast Eddy's. Please leave your comments below.

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