Let me just tell you right off the bat that the title of this post is way more exciting than the actual story. Not that I would get excited to hear that somebody got seriously injured, or even killed...but when I heard someone say "did you hear about the shooting last night at Fast Eddy's?"...I was hoping for a little more from this story.

According to 14news.com, the shooting took place around 2:30am on Friday morning. The incident appears to have involved 3 men...the shooter was identified as Derrick McGuire (pictured below), his accomplice Kem Duerson (pictured below) and the victim (no picture available).

Police picked up McGuire and Duerson in the parking lot shortly after the incident. The victim was reportedly shot in the arm and was not seriously injured.

There's a wee bit more to this story, and you can see that at 14news.com.


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