Well, I reckon it’s officially official…Fast Eddy’s is gone for good. Demolition has begun on the former Fast Eddy’s location in order to make room for the new Tropicana events building thingy.

There was a time when Fast Eddy’s was THE place to go in Evansville on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. And since that’s where everybody went, that meant that’s where 103GBF went. Many, many of my fondest radio memories (and some not so fond ones too) were created at Fast Eddy’s.

The birth (and eventual death) of Thong Thursday, the countless wet t-shirt contests, the Fat Tuesday parties, the Labor Day Luaus, the Damn Loud Rock Shows. Wow…a lot of good times. Too many to count. Many a brain cell and liver were killed there...and probably a handful of children conceived there.

What’s your favorite Fast Eddy’s memory?

My thanks for my buddy DJ Jon B. for sending me these pics. That dude was a Fast Eddy’s staple. Jon B was the music man for 11 out of 16 years that Fast Eddy’s was open.

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