Fast Eddy's closed their doors last summer. Starting on March 26th you will be able to go to an online auction and bid on memorabilia inside of the bar.

Fast Eddy's Facebook
Fast Eddy's Facebook

One thing you will not be able to bid on is the memories we all made in that place! I hosted Thong Thursday for several years and Fast Eddy's became my family! I was in the bar for weeks and weeks at a time, working, I became very attached to the people that worked there and the regulars that came in. I frequently say, "I miss Fast Eddy's." It was a place for me to go and have fun. I truly loved that bar and miss everyone!

The news of the auction made me a little sad, then I started thinking about what I want from the bar they had many many things from the Shoe Carnival sign to the motorcycle man. All of the neon signs around the place, it is all memories for me (good and bad).

I would want the Bud Light Neon sign and the Corona clock, I often stared at it when we would have slow nights wanting time to go faster so I could go home, HAHA. They had several clocks in that place, but I only counted on the Corona clock to tell me what time it was! It was ALWAYS right! If it wasn't I would take it down and fix it!

If you would like to bid on any of the memorabilia in Fast Eddy's, check out the site HERE.

What is something that you would like to have from Fast Eddy's? (Comment below)

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