For more than four decades, the WNIN Spring Auction has been a tradition for families in Southern Indiana - it has become "must-see TV."

I didn't grow up in Evansville, so it doesn't have quite the tradition for me, but it certainly does for my wife. It brings back some really great memories of watching the auction with her Old Dad (that's what we called her grandpa). He would buy items every year, even if he never used them, just to support WNIN. These days, she will sit and watch, and maybe bid on something that catches her eye.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash
Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Going Once...Going Twice...

WNIN's Spring Auction is underway now and is online only this year. All bids must be placed at - there will be no phone bank and no number to call. You can get online now and look at all of the items, and you can even start bidding. The auction will still be televised, though, each night from 7pm-10p on April 19-22.

Just how important is this auction for WNIN?

It is really doggone important...

The WNIN auction is our single largest fundraising event. Hundreds of businesses and people from the Tri-State donate items to be auctioned off to support WNIN. WNIN broadcasts live from the studio in downtown Evansville. Each night items and services that have been donated by local businesses are auctioned off by volunteer auctioneers to you, the viewers. Proceeds raised from the WNIN Spring Auction fund its mission to deliver engaging public media content that informs, entertains, and inspires.

Are You Ready to Bid?

I was just checking out the auction and it looks like there are nearly 600 items available this year, with values ranging from $50 to more than $5,000! There's gotta be something there that you would be willing to bid on. Take some time to check it out, and please consider bidding. Remember, WNIN is supported by people like you and me, they depend on our generosity to keep the lights on and their programming on the air.

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