Now that one in seven people on the planet have a Facebook profile, its hard to makes you status stand out among the posts about cats, food, or visits to the gym. Or is it?

Facebook is now rolling out a service that will allow your status update move to the top of the list. You'll just have to shell out a little cash. But the service will put your update above all the those who are doing it for free (or aren't nearly as self-centered).

Businesses have been able to promote their updates for awhile now.

Aside from announcing their billionth user and this service, Facebook also released a commercial today. Because if 1 in 7 people are using your product, that's five more you need to appeal to. And those five must be fans of Clint Eastwood.

Never before have chairs evoked such emotion. Well, at least since Eastwood screamed at one a couple of months ago.

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