If you have been on social media in the past week, you have no doubt seen the Dove Real Beauty Sketches ad. Apparently selling soap isn't enough, now they point out insecurities. 

Because we all have that woman in our life who can't take a compliment, we are well aware that women have self image issues. Dove decided to exploit that and give some fire to the feminism movement, and sell some soap along the way.

But what about men? We know there are some over confident guys among us. There is that one buddy who looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, but even he is convinced that  he will be taking a lady home by the end of the night.

So what happens when Dove decides to give men sketches based on their own (and a strangers) description? Probably a huge let down.

Check out the video below. For a disclaimer (because some people on YouTube don't know what a parody is) THIS IS A JOKE. I assume no men got their feelings hurt, except those who are doing some self reflection, and it won't set the feminism movement back 100 years (that's Nicki Minaj's job).

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