“Just Don’t Go” Weather Man’s Frozen Parody
Disney's latest animated feature "Frozen" is very popular. Like, SUPER popular. Like, it's 'the third highest grossing film of ALL TIME ($864 Million) and now it's being turned into a Broadway Musical' popular. And the song "Let It Go" has been one of the most parodied and re-sung songs on YouTube right now. So, obviously, traffic and weather man Bob Herzog had to put in his 2
Zombie Story (A Walking Dead Parody)
The hit AMC show the Walking Dead is currently on it's 4th season and on hiatus (which sounds like a bad thing, but it's really not. It's just tv's fancy way of saying "we're taking a holiday break.") It will be back on February 9th (just one more month! We can do it!) But some people don't take hiatuses lightly.

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