The family of Don Lewis created an advertisement that will play during commercial breaks for Dancing With The Stars asking for information on the whereabouts or what happened to him.

Lewis is (or was?), of course, the husband of Carole Baskin who we all became familiar with at the beginning of the pandemic when she was featured on Netflix's Tiger King.

Baskin runs Big Cat Rescue, which was firmly against the practices of Joe Exotic's private zoo. But, that's not the most interesting thing about her.

Oh no, cats and kittens, the most interesting thing about this hippy clothes wearing, bike riding weirdo is the disappearance of her then husband, Don Lewis.

Lewis has been missing since 1997 and was declared legally dead in 2002. Baskin claims to know nothing about his whereabouts, but it was suggested on Tiger King that Baskin actually killed Lewis and fed him to her tigers.

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