Imagine boarding a train and going on a magical journey just in time for the holidays!  The Big Fork Scenic Railway has made this possible with the Merry Little Christmas Train Ride.

Christmas is such a special time and in years past families celebrated many traditions and looked forward to spending the holidays together.

The most magical part of the train ride is it will leave in the evening around 5 p.m. and pick up Santa for a visit with all the children.

Big Fork Scenic Railway Merry Little Christmas Train Ride

To make this ride even better parents get a free ticket with the purchase of a child's ticket. The cost of a ticket is just $35 for parent/guardian and child.

What about the child that questions if there is really a Santa Claus?  BSFS Railway is bringing to life Yes, Virginiana, There is a Santa Claus.  The story takes place in 1897 in New York City.  Passengers will see the story through the eyes of eight-year-old Virginia.

Stearns, Kentucky, where Big South Fork is located is known for coal mining and lumber.  Both of which are long gone from these parts but the railway does their best to bring them to life for visitors as often as they possibly can sharing the rich heritage of this area.

There are multiple train rides throughout the year.  You can experience Santa Claus all the way to Bourbon and in between.  They even accommodate big groups.

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