The Vanderburgh Humane Society works hard to help the homeless pet population in the Evansville area.  Not only are they a shelter, but they work to help local pet owners with low-cost spay and neuter clinics, and vaccine clinics.  Unfortunately, they are bursting at the seams right now, and this morning showed up to 23 cats that were dumped on their property overnight.

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Time To Sound the Alarm

According to a plea the Vanderburgh Humane Society posted to Facebook, cat population levels haven't been this unsustainable in the last 5 years, and the VHS says now is the time to "sound the alarm" as this morning they showed up to four containers on their property that had been dumped overnight, and in the containers were twenty-three cats. Some of the cats are newborn kittens with their mom.

abandoned little kittens in an animal shelter
Zbynek Pospisil

The VHS Facebook post goes on to say that they are running out of options and space as they have a cat room under quarantine for illness, Evansville Animal Control is also full so they cannot take on any of these animals, and the VHS was already prepping for 45 cats to be surrendered just this week.   They are an intake shelter, so when people need to surrender animals, they can set up an appointment to do so, and they do this so the VHS can make the proper preparations for the animals coming in.  Having almost two dozen unplanned cats tossed on them adds a lot to their, already full plates.


How can the community help?

Not all hope is lost.  The Vanderburgh Humane Society did say there are ways the community can step up and help them out.  I'll share what the VHS says in their own words:

FOSTER. We need space for cats to go ASAP. Apply to be a foster parent and we will start contacting everyone starting tomorrow (Tuesday):
• DONATE. Monetary donations are king 💰👑 because it lets us buy whatever we need at the time. Donate at
• VOLUNTEER. We need help cleaning cages 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Email Mackenzee at to inquire.
• ADOPT. The more kitties who go home, the more space is permanently opened up! All cat adoptions are $25 through the end of July thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation#EmptytheShelters. Come visit Tuesday-Saturday 12-6 to find your perfect match or browse at!
• Please don’t dump animals. Wait your turn. Shelters practice managed intake for a reason. Thanks!

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