You know what's fun? Not having to yell your lines over a train. You know what would help with that? You and your wonderful donation.

Evansville Shakespeare Players have been providing Evansville with free summer Shakespeare shows downtown for the past 7 years. In years past they have performed at the Pagoda, but last year they made the move to Willard Library. And while these locations are beautiful, they are also noisy sometimes. Like the Pagoda: a beautiful building by the riverfront...but also next to the well traveled Riverside drive, and a surprisingly loud ice cream truck. And Willard Library: Again, a very beautiful location, and it drew in more people (yay!)...but, again, next to a well traveled First Ave AND TRAINS. So, needless to say, these players need some help with sound. You can only yell over a train for so long...

So they have officially launched a GoFundMe for a new sound system to help these amazing actors be heard over the elements.

While we make a modest amount of money to finance both our winter and summer productions, this has not been enough to purchase the equipment needed to enhance our technical aspects of the productions. It is with this, we turn to you, our audience and fans. We would love to continue to provide the quality productions that you love while making them even better. The money raised from this campaign with go to purchase quality body microphones for our actors as well as a quality PA system to carry their wonderful voices. Any remainder money will go toward updating and expanding the lighting equipment. Any donation amount is graciously accepted.

-Toni Schaperjohn, Artistic Director, Evansville Shakespeare Players


Donations can be made by clicking THIS LINK.

Their ultimate goal is to reach $5,000 by the time their summer show rolls around. Let's make it happen!

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