April 7th was National Walking Day, and to celebrate Evansville Police Department does what they do best, they got out into the community and went for a walk.  When on the walk they spotted something interesting though, a batch of sun tea being brewed.

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I had never heard of sun tea before and when I watched the video, if I had seen that jar I'm not sure I would have known what it was. Sun tea as it turns out is tea, that's brewed in the sun instead of in boiling water.  Interesting right?  According to SimplyRecipes.com all you need is a glass container, tea bags, and a sunny day to make the tea.  They say many like to make sun tea for something different as it's more mellow and brings out the different flavors from the different tea leaves as opposed to boiling the tea leaves. If you want to make your own batch, SimplyRecipes.com has the rundown, here.

How do you like your tea?  I'm personally a fan of good old classic iced sweet tea on a warm day.

Here's what EPD said about National Walking Day and getting out more in the community:

Yesterday was National Walking Day, here at the PD we started our own day ‘Walking Wednesdays’. Each Wednesday officers and a CPO (Crime Prevention Officer) will be walking neighborhoods. Our first neighborhood was the Jimtown/Jacobsville area. In our 2.5 mile walk we met some awesome people, stopped in some great businesses, found tea brewing in the sun and rehung a fallen American flag.
Our CPO’s are assigned to a neighborhood in which they patrol and work closely within the community and neighborhood associations. Each week a different CPO will be choosing which area they would like to walk.
Follow us on Snapchat (@epd1863) to watch our walking stories and other entertaining videos.
We hope to see you in your neighborhoods soon!
You can see the video of EPD's sun tea find below.


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