We've all seen the people wearing hazard vests and shaking buckets at busy intersections across the city of Evansville to raise money for charity but the Evansville Police Department is warning the public that those bucket shakers are not always what they appear.

In a post to Facebook (seen below), the EPD say that people wearing nice looking clothes and traffic vests with buckets that read, "New Life Christian Church" are not only causing traffic safety issues but they are also breaking the law. The people have been spotted at various Burkhardt Road intersections including at Morgan Avenue, Green River Road and the Lloyd Expressway and they claim to be collecting money to help the homeless. Unfortunately, according to the EPD, these people are out of Lakeland, Florida and none of the money they are collecting is actually staying here in the community to help any of our local homeless resources.

If you do want to help the homeless community in the Evansville area, I would suggest that you reach out to the following organizations:

They would be more than happy to have your donations of time, money and goods and are both wonderful, local organizations that help the homeless population of men, women and children in Evansville.


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