Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is just chugging along, and it’s found yet another cast member to add to its roster. Ed Skrein, whom we last saw on our screens as bad dude Ajax in Deadpool (and as Game of Thrones’ Daario Naharis Mark 1), has been cast as B.P.R.D. Major Benjamin Daimio.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Skrein will play Daimio, a former Marine who joined the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense after he was resurrected following an unfortunate run-in with a Bolivian jaguar god cult. He led the Bureau’s War on Frogs (long story), is related to an infamous Japanese war criminal, and when he’s mad he turns into a jaguar.

While Ed Skrein is a great actor, and I loved him in Deadpool, he’s a bit of an odd choice for a movie whose casting has so far been pretty spot-on. In the B.P.R.D. comics, Ben Daimio has normally been drawn as a person of color. They probably won’t go into his Crimson Lotus heritage in this movie, but they still could have been a bit more creative with the casting. I am very excited to see someone turn into a giant, bloodthirsty big cat in this movie though.

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen also stars David Harbour, Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich, and Sasha Lane.

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