Sexually assaulting someone at a concert is disgusting and this guy did the right thing.


The lead singer of the UK metalcore band Architects, Sam Carter, stopped their concert at the Lowlands Festival in Amsterdam the other night to call out a guy that he saw sexually assaulting a girl in the crowd. Apparently he saw a guy grab a girls breast as she was crowd surfing, and Carter was so disgusted he had to call the dude out.


"I saw it. It is f****ing disgusting. And there is no place for the sh*t. It is not your f****ing body and you do not grab at someone, not in my f***ing show!"


You GO Sam Carter!


(This video has strong language and is NSFW. But you know what isn't suitable for ANY situation? Groping a stranger at a concert.)




Sadly, this isn't an isolated incident. This happens A LOT at concerts all over the world. It's actually one the main reasons why I don't like buying pit tickets to a show. Sure, you get closer to the band, but you also get REALLY close to the people around you which makes it easier for pervy people to touch you inappropriately or rub up against you. It's hard to know who the perpetrator is in such a large and condensed group, and hard to determine whether some touches were simply an accident or not. You're just constantly being violated and you can't enjoy the concert.


There's also the problem of tall men taking pictures down your shirt from above. And taking pictures up your skirt from below.


People are disgusting and I'm not wasting extra money to get violated and put in someones spank bank later with inappropriate and illegally taken pictures of my goodies. No thank you.


Being sexually assaulted at concerts is such a big thing that there's even a twitter group that was made to fight against groping and assault at concerts (it's based in England, but the message is universal) You can follow this group @GirlsAgainst


Sexual assault at concerts needs to stop. If you SEE something SAY something. Because in my opinion, if you see something and ignore it? You're just as bad as the guy doing the assaulting. Be a real man and stand up to it.


"Let's keep this going. Let's make this a f****ing safe place for everybody!"

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