After the eclipse I expected super powers. Not a headache.


Yesterday after the eclipse I got a headache. I didn't think much of it. I just thought "Hey, maybe it's my super powers finally coming to fruition!" (They were not and I was sad.) But what I DID find out is that I'm not the only one that experienced a "post eclipse headache". Some people even got nauseous.


But why?


Is the eclipse to blame?


Yes and No.


If you viewed the eclipse safely then their shouldn't be any negative side effects. If you looked at that sucker straight on without protection, I don't know why you're confused about spots in your vision or headaches. You brought that on your self, Sherlock.


But even with the proper viewing glasses, most people still got headaches. Why?


Well, sometimes being out in the sun for too long can cause headaches (and it was a HOT ONE yesterday). Another cause for the headaches could be the eclipse glasses. Don't panic, they didn't poison you and you're not going blind. Just think of it as a normal pair of glasses. When you get a new pair of reading glasses or even have your prescription changed in your glasses, you get a headache for a few days as your eyes adjust. The eclipse glasses are the same concept. They may not be prescription, but they effect the way your eyes see and that puts a little bit of strain on them. Add to the fact that you're looking straight up for an hour, and presto! Super Eclipse Headache!


So don't worry. Your headache should go away soon if it hasn't already. No need for hypochodriatic thoughts and panicked doctors appointments.


Although if anyone DOES go to the doctor and finds out they got super powers PLEASE TELL ME.



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