It can be hard to size some one up based solely on their political persuasion, especially when the grey area that separates the Democrats from the Republicans appears to join them together like cocaine bonded Siamese twins. Nevertheless, new research suggests you can determine a person’s political preference by what kind of booze the bastard likes to drink.

According to National Media Research Planning and Placement, Democrats are more likely to suck down clear spirits like vodka, while the Republican can be expected with nothing less than brown liquor. In fact, the survey suggests that Republicans have a tendency to favor North American spirits like Jim Beam, Canadian Club and Crown Royal, while Democrats enjoy knocking back Absolut and Grey Goose vodkas.

However, in the world of drunken politics, there is always the factor of the undecided; the bipartisan supporter, the white line down the middle of the road. For this man, rum is likely his beverage of choice. Researchers found that both political parties enjoyed Bacardi and Captain Morgan Spaced Rums.

Let’s not forget about wine, as researchers played with 15 of the top brands only to discover that Republicans are partial to Kendall-Jackson from California and Democrats seem to side with Chateau St. Michelle or Smoking Loon.


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