The Funniest Fiscal Cliff Memes
Hey, did you hear the good news? We managed to avoid soaring headlong off the fiscal cliff yesterday. Granted, the House pulled the plug on a bill providing emergency aid to people whose lives were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy to do it. But they did it. Hooray!(?)
C.O.R.E vs. Yes! It’s all about City-County Reorganization!
In the city of Evansville, a huge battle over City-County Reorganization is going on prior to the Nov. 6 election.
Two groups, representing the pro's and con's of the plan are on the warpath.  As a potential voter, you should know what's going on in this very politically charged d…
Isn’t It Ironic…Don’t You Think
If you're like me and think that irony isn't flies in chardonnay and rain on your wedding day (Ha, that rhymed and I apologize for the pop reference). Then you will appreciate true irony when it smacks you in the face. And when politics are involved, it only gets better.