My favorite news source is EvansvilleWatch on Facebook and Twitter. Anytime I have ever need to know why traffic is backed up or why the police are in my neighborhood I check them out on Facebook and Twitter. They always have the good deeds as well as some pretty funny stuff as well.

EvansvilleWatch / Facebook
EvansvilleWatch / Facebook

I currently live over that money savin' bridge in Hendo - this past week a semi had been over turned in the middle of the NB lanes on 41. That is my way to work I happened to catch it on my newsfeed before I left for work and I avoided a huge headache on my way to work! They also kept updating their status' letting us know when it will be open and how the clean up was coming and posting pictures of the accident. Thank you for that Evansville Watch!!!

Other reason I love Evansville Watch is sometimes Evansville is just HILARIOUS! Last Thursday - "Flasher by Jimmy John's - 701 N Burkhardt. Man is flashing customers & "doing more than that" in the bushes on side of the building. #ewatch" If we didn't have the amazing people monitoring the dispatch I wouldn't have had a great laugh lol. Really -Flasher outside of Jimmy John's?!?!?

They also have a pretty cool website that has everything that is going on in the tri-state area including links to scanners, crime in our area, community events, news articles, etc. You can check out the website here.

I just wanted to take this time and thank everyone that helps out with EvansvilleWatch, you make my days a lot easier sometimes! :) Keep up the great work!

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