If you are on Facebook, and from Evansville, you need to follow EvansvilleWatch. There are two different places on Facebook that use the same name, but the intention of each is the same. Someone listens to the police scanner, and passes anything good on to those following on Facebook. It is a modern version of a police blotter, that would sometimes be found in newspapers.

You get your usual wrecks and people fighting calls, but every once in awhile there is that gem in the rough. After collecting for the past few weeks, I'm ready to share some of the best items that have been found on EvansvilleWatch. If you see anything good, feel free to post it on here.

  • Dispatched: Man threatened by fellow gamer on X-box Live..Wants to talk to officer..Now saying he apologized & cancelling officer #ewatch
  • ‎800 S garvin - 10 juvies aprox age 10-15 yrs old knocking on peoples doors harassing them , caller said they looked raggedy
  • Dispatched: Customer trouble at Laundry & Tan Express - 2020 Covert Ave..Can't get an intoxicated man to get out of the tanning bed. #ewatch
  • Theft just occurred Dollar General-1555 S Boeke..Man stole items & walked out of store>He's waiting for a ride across street at CVS. #ewatch
  • BOLO issued for stolen 2002 Dodge Caravan..stolen 3am..decorated for owner's birthday..had "old bat" & "virgin slut" written on it. #ewatch
  • Diamond Ave - officer checking for a shopping cart in the street
  • Just Dispatched: Cell phone caller reports an intoxicated man driving a golf cart in the 4200 block of Stringtown Rd.

(By the way, even if you aren't from Evansville, EvansvilleWatch will sometimes pass on information about things happening in surrounding communities)