They have tried to stop him before, but he refused to put his "Words With Friends" game away and was kicked off a plane. However for one user of the website Reddit, his brother has decided to stop the "30 Rock" star once and for all. 

As if Labor Day wasn't enough of a holiday for this week, Reddit user TheAO133 says his autistic little brother had some big plans for the 4th of September. On a calendar that was marked for his first day of school, the little brother made his demands loud and clear.

Now no one is exactly sure what Alec Baldwin is up to, or what they should be stopping him from doing. However Reddit users have stepped up and decided to use the day to raise autism awareness, by raising funds for Austism Speaks.

Reddit has been a major hot spot for almost anything that has gone viral on the internet. Users also put their web browsing to good use such as counseling suicidal people, raising funds for a bullied bus attendant, or asking questions to the President of the United States.


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