No one likes to get in a cold car right?!  Well, did you know it's illegal for you to leave your car running in the State of Kentucky?

What happens when the temperature drops and our vehicles become unbearably cold like this past week? Everyone wants to start their car early and let it warm up.  Think twice if you live in Kentucky.

Since I started working for the radio station I come to work very early.  I have commented that my husband, Joe, is very considerate and gets up to start my truck for me.  Sweet right?!  Well, that act of kindness could get us a big ole citation, because according to Kentucky state law, it's illegal.

KRS 189.430 states "No person operating or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, and removing the key."

I spoke with OPD Public Information Officer, Andy Boggess and I asked about the legality of it.  He said "Remote start is perfectly legal, but leaving it running with the keys in it unattended is not.  He said the law is put into place to protect everyone.

My truck has the convenience of being able to start it and lock it as I have keyless ignition.

Officer Boggess said, "they do typically see an increase in auto thefts from where people start their cars in the winter to warm up but leave them unattended."

After a little research, I found it isn't even necessary to start your car and can actually be harmful to your engine according to "Engineering Explained".

I will say I am very grateful for a husband that gets up and starts my car especially during all the snow last week.

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