When it comes to scammers you can never let your guard down. There's a new texting scam that has hit area residents and Owensboro Police want us to be aware. I just received one of these text messages minutes ago. Have you received one yet?

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

There are so many scams you need to watch out for, including a new scam that involve "fake" banks and credit unions. Today's scammers are everywhere hoping that you'll let your guard down. That's why OPD is warning us about this new one.

Hundreds in the area have already received this text message. Some have different banks and different phone numbers. Some of the scammers are using true customer service phone numbers. Some want you to click on a link. You don't want to do that unless you're 100% sure of the source. Those thieves can be tricky!

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