After Hurricane Maria ripped through, Puerto Rico has been left in shambles. One Evansville woman with familial ties to the island is trying to help them rebuild.

Puerto Rico Faces Extensive Damage After Hurricane Maria
Alex Wroblewski / Stringer, Getty Images

For most of us, the devastation in Puerto Rico is just something we read about on social media, but for one young Evansville woman named Yarilyn Shelton, it's personal. She is trying to raise money to rebuild the town that her family calls home in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the island town, leaving it in shambles.




My family is in Puerto Rico. The town they are in was one of the first hit and that got hit the hardest. They are going to have a lot of rebuilding to do. I started a gofundme to see if I can get help getting back home to my family to help them rebuild their lives. With the significant impact on all of PR, I am trying to get enough in donations to help the town, as well. My aunt is friends with the mayor of their town so once I get there whatever contributions are left over I will be donating to the city to rebuild. I have also personally messaged the mayor to ask what I can do to help once I get there.

Not only is Yarilyn hoping to help her own family, but also the town itself to rebuild. She and her fiance plan to travel to Puerto Rico to physically lend a hand with clean up relief efforts as well. If you would like to make a donation to help this young woman help her family and their community, you can donate now through the Go Fund Me Page. You can also follow along with the relief efforts on the official Facebook Page.

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