If you have ever driven to Florida, you have noticed something strange right near the Tennessee border. As Denny's signs disappear in the rearview mirror, another bright yellow and black sign replaces it. You're now in Waffle House country.

It seems that some time ago in the far off year of 2002, someone noticed that it's almost impossible to shut down a Waffle House (unless you count some of the bizarre occurrences that have happened at many locations).

Now this isn't the grand rule of thumb and is merely mentioned as one of many factors our government uses to judge storm damage, it is a way to make notes on when you can get breakfast in the event of a huge disaster.

Set up like a stop light, "The Waffle House Index" is pretty easy to figure out.

  • Green - All menu items available, store has electricity
  • Yellow - Limited menu, often no electricity, supplies could be limited.
  • Red - Waffle House is closed. Civilization is over. Go home and be with your families. (Okay it is a little less extreme than that).

It has been noted that in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, 25 Waffle House locations have fallen under the "Red" category.

Check out the video below for more information, unless you think that Hurricane's are created by Al Gore's weather machine meant to punish us for laughing at his "Power Point" global warming movie.

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