If the Detroit police department had a motto, it would be "To Serve and...meh..." With the officer's union almost declaring defeat in the motor city. 

The Detroit Police Officers Association says the department is too under-staffed and under-funded to properly police the city, according to a report it released. Violent crime in Detroit rose 11% in the city during 2011, giving it the second-highest rate in the country.

This year the department had its budget cut by $75 million, resulting in the loss of 380 positions. However the department said many officers left this past summer. Many more could follow in that direction since DPOA says officers sometimes have to work 12 hour shifts to make up for shortages.

Detroit is a city that is struggling with a shrinking population, due to the mass exodus of factories out of the city. Plans are being made to "shrink" the city (or turn it in to a Zombie theme park), but right now their officers remain the lowest paid when compared to similarly sized cities. Which is a shame since Jimmy Hoffa might be there.