It seems like videos of people 'FAILING' make up about 90% of the content on the internet. By the way, that number is a complete guesstimate and exaggeration. Comedian Daniel Tosh has made a ton of money off of FAIL videos...and Rob Dyrdek is trying to do the same. Before them it was Bob Saget and Tom Berjeron with America's Funniest Videos.

I'll admit it, I enjoy seeing a good FAIL  from time to time. I don't like seeing people getting really badly injured...that doesn't do anything for me. And I'm normally a pretty sympathetic person...but I have no sympathy for most of the people FAILING. More times than not they are doing, or attempting to do, something really stupid. Not that they deserve to get hurt...but what the eff did you expect to happen?

So it's a nice change of pace to see a compilation of web awesomeness from time to time...which is what we have below. Not only are the stunts awesome, the camera work is pretty sweet too.

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