Well its sure to be a blow to the tiger blood levels, but it seems that one of the goddesses has left Charlie Sheen. You might remember from that ridiculous interview with ABC News, Sheen was living the dream with two 'goddesses'.

That's his terminology, not mine. But what do you expect from a man who, according to Wikipedia, is half man and half cocaine. Wikipedia is a reliable source, right? Who cares about labels when you're living with two adult film stars.

However this past weekend, Charlie announce during a live performance, that Rachel Oberlin (a.k.a Bree Olson) had left the actor. Too bad, so sad said Charlie. Just the sort of thing you expect your buddy to say after a break up, before he drowns his sorrows in a bottle of Jack.

Bree is apparently back home, with her parents, in Indiana. Yep, the good ol' Hoosier state. Her method of break up, the text message. The wireless slap in the face. Thank you 2011.

Sheen is already to move on. He's about to appear in family court. And if his lawyer isn't already sleeping in his office, Sheen is also in a $100-million lawsuit with Two And A Half Men producers. Sure to keep anyone's mind off a break up.

Attempts to find pictures of Bree on the internet, would most likely lead to me being banned from this page. So you know how to use Google, have some fun.

Enjoy this video I found of that infamous ABC News interview. I guess we can call them happier times.

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