Coming to us from the state of Wisconsin, is the tale of two winners. It involves a fierce battle over hair products, two brothers, and did not arrive from the cutting room floor from Stepbrothers filming.

Jonathan R. Pippert, 32, and Jared J. Pippert, 27, still live at home with mom. Jonathan couldn't find his shampoo, and instead of acting like an adult went on a rage in to his brother's room. Hellbent on getting his shampoo.

Now according to the police report, each brother is blaming the other for the initial attack. Which sounds like something brothers would tell their parents, but the fact this is documented at the police department puts the 'Epic' meter in the red.

When police arrived they found both brothers fighting on their front lawn, with their mother screaming at them to stop. And you thought they just made this stuff up for Stepbrothers.

Since we're talking about the movie, lets show a clip. This is how I imagine things going down back at home, once both brothers are released.


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